Inspire Curiosity

“Curiosity is a willing, a proud, an eager confession of ignorance.”- S. Leaonard Rubinstein-

In December of 2015, 196 Nations came together and signed the Paris Agreement to combat Climate Change on a global scale. This agreement is monumental considering that it is the first universal agreement in which all countries, developed as well as developing, accept obligations to manage their greenhouse gas emissions. We’re facing an environmental and societal crisis on many levels. This a pivotal moment as we re-imagine our global economy and society in a way that moves us away from crisis and toward sustainability and zero waste.

But what does this agreement mean for the average citizen? So much of the discussion around problems and solutions has focused on big industry, big business, big government. What about the average person? What can we do to put our own muscle in the game?

We can get curious about the things we choose to consume. This is something we have control over every single day. We can begin asking questions, and exploring the incredible world in which the things we buy come from, what they are made of, who has made them and how they are disposed of.

Through engaging and creative storytelling, we hope to inspire curiosity about how our production, consumption, and disposal decisions impact our planet and communities.

Why Take a Curious Approach?

We believe that innovative ideas and bold actions are born from curiosity.

When we’re curious, we challenge the status quo, we make inquiries, we learn things we didn’t know, we gain perspective that helps motivate action toward solutions.

The Curious Adventures Across Patagonia

We’ve spent years investing in good gear, stuff that holds up, that lasts and serves us no matter what adventure we pursue. We love these things, most have traveled with us on countless adventures around the world. They have stories to tell.

So, in addition to sharing our adventures, we’re going to explore this journey through their eyes, and imagine the life of these things as fellow team members.

We’re following a path of curiosity, and in doing so, we hope to inspire you to be curious about the things in your closets, in your homes, in your shopping carts and in your backpacks.


Taking the Adventure Beyond Patagonia

During our ride, the things we carry with us will be having all kinds of adventures. We’ll be bringing those adventures to life through blog posts and photos.

However, our intention with this project is bigger than these stories from Patagonia. We’re curious about the lives of these things before we owned them. We’re curious about their pre-consumer lives, from the fields and mines where their raw materials came from, to the factories where they were constructed. We’re also curious about what the post-consumer life of these things looks like- we’re curious about what it would take to keep them out of a landfill, to keep them out of the waste stream.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 12.27.33 PM

For us, as consumers, we don’t have much information about their pre-consumer life to begin with. Most of these things only have a label or a tag that says “Made in China” or “Made in USA”. So, we can’t do this alone. The stories beyond those labels will take collaboration and time.

In order to tell those stories, we’re seeking partners who are willing to follow curiosity into unknown territory.  This may require a bold decision to make “a willing, a proud, and an eager confession of ignorance.” Some of these companies know the stories of the things they make; others are only just beginning to explore. Either way, we hope to inspire curiosity within these organizations as well as among the people who buy their products.

The post-consumer life of these things will also require partnership and collaboration. We plan to explore solutions that go beyond the do-it-yourself arts and crafts projects, and instead examine how these things can feasibly re-enter the materials supply chain.

These post-consumer life stories are still unwritten, these lives still un-lived. Let’s abandon the current story that inevitably leads to the landfill. Let’s write a beautiful story for the next chapter of the lives of these things.