This Water Bottle

I’m a Klean Kanteen, and I love tasty water!


I know that vest said it’s Greta’s constant companion, but I think I could challenge that statement. I mean, come on I give her water. All.Day.Every.Day. Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal.

Sorry, getting ahead of myself there- I’m your average 27oz/800ml 18/8 stainless steal Klean Kanteen- color orange, manufactured in the good ol’ US of A. I’ve been tucked into the sides of Greta’s backpacks, in her purses and attached to her luggage since 2013. Since then I’ve spent most of my time sitting just to the left of her laptop- on desks, kitchen tables, and counters. When it’s not a computer that I’m sitting next to, it’s usually her yoga mat, or a rock, or tree. We get outside a lot.

All those places that vest listed, yeah I’ve been those places. But I’ve also been to France, Costa Rica, Belgium, England, Mexico, China and Hong Kong. Boom. I’ve been through more airports than I have time to tell you about. I can’t tell you how many flight attendants have smiled at me when she asks them to fill me up with water rather than give her a small single-use plastic cup- I’ve lost track.

Since our arrival in Chile, I’ve been as useful as ever. Luckily for both Greta and I, the tap water here in Chile is pretty good, so there is no need to buy plastic bottled water. When we do glacier hikes we are even able to dip right into the water source- ohhhhh that water is tasty! I’ve been in a lot of places around this world, and these days there are fewer and fewer spots where we can drink the water straight from the source. I’m pretty miffed about that little tidbit, but I’ll spare you the spiel (for now).

I’m dinged up. I’ve got dents in unmentionable places (and there’s no way they’re coming out). My paint has been chipped so I’ve got silver spots. I wouldn’t have it any other way though- these nicks and dings just go to show I’ve had my fair share of adventures. And now a big one awaits- Patagonia!

I hear they have tasty water down there. I love tasty water.