This Vest

I’m a Down Sweater Vest, and I love to celebrate!


I’ve been traveling with Greta since 2009, when she ordered me online. At the time, I was living in a plastic bag, being stored in a warehouse. My label says “Made in China”, but I come from way more places than that since I’m stuffed with down and made from recycled polyester. Not even mentioning my zippers. I’ve got parts with tales from all around the world! But that’s a story for another time, let’s stick with Greta for now shall we?

Since 2009, I’ve been her constant companion on countless adventures. Insulation is the name of my game. I’m lightweight and the perfect layer to keep her core warm, so she throws me in her bag just about every time she steps out the door.

We spent five years living in San Francisco. You might think I’m built only for outdoor adventures in wild places, but city life suited me just fine. I loved San Francisco because the air was almost always chilly- so I was always working overtime! Just the way I like it.

My time in San Francisco wasn’t all city though, we escaped to the mountains and ocean often. Partying with granite and waterfalls in Yosemite and Mammoth, dancing with the twinkling stars in Big Sur, playing with ropes and rocks around Lake Tahoe, bushwhacking in the Trinity Alps, staring in awe of redwoods- and that’s just California! Crisp summer nights, cold spring mornings, cool fall strolls, and below-freezing snow camping in the winter- all the ingredients I need to have a fabulous four season year. We’ve enjoyed adventuring out of state as well, exploring the likes of Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, even climbing mountains and glaciers in Alaska! I’ve driven across the entire USA and have explored my fair share of the east coast states as well. Yeah, I’ve been around.

Our latest adventures have brought us to the Southern Hemisphere. As usual it has been an VERY active year for us. When we were driving across the country, camping and surfing and backpacking, I helped fend off the bite of the cool spring mornings and chilly nights camping outside. Even when summer arrived, night time was my time to shine since it gets cold down here in the mountains of southern Chile. Fall brought the rains, but I still got out a lot, fitting perfectly under Greta’s rain coat. In Chile, many homes and buildings are not insulated, so they can be pretty cold when winter comes. Luckily she’s got me for insulation, and she didn’t forget it this past winter.

I’ll admit, my down fill isn’t what it used to be. I’ve got a few stains that aren’t going anywhere (a little too much celebrating, I think). My zipper is starting to get a little worn out. Most of the time I’m pretty dirty but I still know how to look good in photos. Even so, if her tent was on fire, I bet Greta would crawl in and rescue me from the flames.

I’m ready for Patagonia, I’m ready to keep Greta toasty warm as we find new mountains that make us jump for joy; and as usual, I’m definitely ready to celebrate some beautiful places.