The Things We Carry With Us

We love these things.

Our things become our companions on our journey through life. They collect our experiences, they witness our trials and our successes. They mean more to us when we depend on them, when we respect them, when we appreciate them.

Whenever we embark on an adventure that requires us to carry all of our belongings with us, each piece of gear must:

  • Have a purpose (ideally more than one)
  • Be durable
  • Be repairable
  • Be loved

We try to set the same standards for the things we buy when we aren’t on-the-go as well.

In an effort to Inspire Curiosity, some of the stories that we publish during this ride will be told through the eyes of these things. This ride will be their adventure as well, another chapter in the lives that they’ve led since coming into existence.

Everything has a history. Everything comes from somewhere. Here we explore the lives of the things we carry with us.


This Vest

I’m a Down Sweater Vest, and I love to celebrate! I’ve been traveling with Greta since 2009, when she ordered me online. At the time, I was living in a plastic bag, being stored in a warehouse. My label says “Made in China”, but I come from way more places than that since I’m stuffed … Continue reading This Vest

This Water Bottle

I’m a Klean Kanteen, and I love tasty water! I know that vest said it’s Greta’s constant companion, but I think I could challenge that statement. I mean, come on I give her water. All.Day.Every.Day. Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal. Sorry, getting ahead of myself there- I’m your average 27oz/800ml 18/8 stainless steal Klean … Continue reading This Water Bottle

These Gators

I’m Verglas Gators, and I love to play in the dirt! Greta’s Gators here, yes that’s what I go by. In 2012 Greta picked me up at an REI in San Francisco and we’ve been getting out in the dirt together ever since. Before my San Francisco days I cruised my way across the ocean … Continue reading These Gators