“If anything could save the world, I would put my money on beauty”- Doug Tompkins

Highlighting Conservation:

Since moving to Chile over a year ago, we’ve been lucky to explore a lot of this incredible country. We’ve been lucky enough to explore the rugged mountains, the wild rivers, the massive glaciers and experience the pristine ecosystems. We’ve also encountered a lot of wild places that have been devistated by industrial development, or are facing direct threat of development. We’ve witnessed firsthand the miles of deforested lands in middle Chile, wiped out from the forest industry here. As we drove south, searching for swells and beautiful spots to surf, we experienced the toxic coastal dump sites of paper mills threatening the coast. Even around our magic little Pucón and Curarrehue, we’re experiencing this threat to the freedom of our rivers. This area has developed a strong foothold in becoming an international draw for outdoor adventure and tourism; however, the government has approved 59 non-consultative rights for hydroelectric dams on our rivers. The entire country is in flux, a wide mix of development and tradition.


Throughout this journey (and beyond), as we consider the impact of production, consumption and disposal, we’ll also be taking time to reflect on the impact that conservation can have in moving us toward a more sustainable future.

As you fall in love with Chile through our photos and stories (which we hope you do!), you may be inspired to join the efforts underway to save these wild places. There are quite a few incredible conservation and sustainability initiatives here in Chile that we have been following closely. In an effort to help spread their message with more folks, below are links to some of our favorite initiatives.

Conservacion Patagonica

Tompkins Conservation

Patagonia Sin Represas

Punta de Lobos por Siempre

Santuario El Cañi


No Alto Maipo!

Puelo Sin Torres

Net Positiva