Collaboration & Support

Our intention for this ride goes beyond an adventure in Patagonia. We’re sharing our stories, our photographs, and our journey in order to celebrate simplicity and inspire curiosity- and to connect with others.

This is an open request for collaboration, partnership and support.

Thought Partnership & Collaboration:

  • Do you have ideas about closed-loop economies and zero waste supply chains? We do too- let’s brainstorm!
  • Do you believe in the power of story telling to influence positive change? We do too, let’s collaborate!
  • Do you have a conservation or creative project happening in the region that we’ll be riding through? We’d love to hear about it- let’s share!
  • Just want to chat and swap life and adventure stories? Cool, we’d love that!

This world has a lot of complex problems. A lot of challenges and a lot of broken systems. We also have a lot of smart people with creative ideas and a willingness to try new things, even if we aren’t sure the result will be perfect. We want to connect with these people. We don’t have all the answers, but if enough of us start talking, we believe we can get there.

Whether you’re an individual, community representative, organization or company, we would love to collaborate!

Email us and we promise to respond as soon as the magic wifi cloud hovers over us in between mountains and glaciers (please be patient with us if you reach out during the expedition):


Share and Follow Our Adventure:

It’s incredible how interconnected we are in this day and age. We’re sharing our adventures with the hope of inspiring others. If our project, our stories, our photos and our purpose resonate with you, please share our work with others!


The Long Riders’ Guild

We are proud to be associated with the Long Riders’ Guild. Although both Alejandro and Greta are experienced equestrians, this is their first long-distance journey on horseback and the Guild has been a fantastic resource for information, contacts and a shared purpose of long distance horse travel. It’s a great honor to be welcomed by the Guild and to have their support and guidance as we embark on this adventure.

In the words of the Guild:

The Long Riders’ Guild is the world’s first international association of equestrian explorers, and is an invitation-only organisation. It was formed in 1994 to represent men and women of all nations who have ridden more than 1,000 continuous miles on a single equestrian journey.

As Long Riders we categorically believe equestrian travel has no frontiers, political or otherwise. It is the heritage of every nation. Though we individually originate in every imaginable country, we as a group represent no specific nation.

We will not be simplified by categories into sex, creed, allegiance to one horse breed, or lines drawn on a map. We are comrades of the saddle whose agreed upon international language is “horse.” We believe the only valid definition of a Long Rider should be courage in the face of danger, resolve in the presence of hardship, and continual compassion for our horses.

Further, we acknowledge the inherent bodily perils involved in equestrian travel to both horse and rider. Yet we in no way condone or sponsor any expedition that knowingly subjects its mounts to needless suffering. The Long Riders’ Guild has no obsession with mileage. Though our members have set an assortment of world records during the course of their equestrian travels, we do not encourage a needless quest for kilometres, nor the lightning flash crossing of continents. We encourage our Members instead to undertake a life-changing equestrian journey that explores not only the unknown portions of the world, but their own souls as well. Indeed, being a Long Rider is more than just a matter of miles. It is a question of honour, dignity and behaviour.

Currently our expedition can be found listed here.

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